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I Paint My Dreams And Visions. With Painting I Make An Effort To Create Order In My Soul.


For thousands of years, art has been used as a tool for communication. Art has endured through time as a means of healing power. Shamans still use carved figures to facilitate a relationship with the gods; Navaho medicine men continue to heal with sand paintings.

It is Christina Glazar’s hope that sharing her art with her audience will encourage others to become creative too. There are so many mediums available to express personal perspective in life and get lost in a world of beauty and calmness.

Meet Christina Glazar




Christina Glazar was born and raised in Zurich Switzerland. Her paintings reflect her desire for harmony and love for color and shape. Influenced by the beautiful nature in California she is constantly inspired to create new work. Christina specializes in abstracts and also loves to include pets in her repertoire. Her preferred mediums are acrylics and oils.

When not working in her studio she enjoys walking with her dogs, taking photographs which are part of her inspiration for her paintings. She also loves to teach art workshops and bring creativity closer to everyone who is interested in art.

Currently, she lives together with her husband and her two beloved dogs in Northern California on the foot of Mount Shasta in Redding.



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